Boeing Defence UK

More than 1,900 Boeing employees in the United Kingdom, along with local suppliers, work with teammates across the globe to solve current and emerging defence and security challenges, in partnership with the Ministry of Defence.

Boeing’s partnership with the UK started before World War II and continues to this day. Through its Boeing Defence UK (BDUK) business, which includes veterans and reserves, BDUK focuses on providing the best value through leading-edge platforms, technology, services and capabilities. Boeing Defence UK is headed by Steve Burnell, Managing Director.

Boeing military rotorcraft in the UK

AH-64E Apache

Boeing is on contract to deliver 50 AH-64E Apaches to the British Army and will provide training, support and sustainment for the next two decades.

More than 200 jobs will be created at Wattisham and Middle Wallop, where Boeing employees work alongside the British Army.

The UK supply chain supports the Apache program with:

  • Yeovil-based Kuene & Nagel providing warehouse management services.
  • H&S Aviation conducting AH-64E engine repair and overhaul in Portsmouth, under subcontract to GE Aviation.
  • Cheltenham-based Pennant providing simulated training systems.

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Side view of Apache

CH-47 Chinook

In its fifth decade serving the British armed forces, the Chinook plays a unique role in the country’s heavy-lift capability.

More than 450 people across the UK maintain, modify and upgrade the RAF’s fleet of 57 Chinooks.

Boeing teammates are based in locations across Hampshire and embedded alongside their military counterparts at RAF Odiham.

In addition, UK-based suppliers Leonardo, Thales, Standard Aero and Almondbank provide materials, skills and services.

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Side view of Chinook

Boeing military fixed-wing and surveillance aircraft in the UK

C-17 Globemaster

The Boeing-built C-17 acts as the backbone of the UK’s strategic airlift and mobility capability.

Thanks to the RAF and Boeing partnership, the UK’s C-17 fleet is positioned to serve until 2040.

More than 100 Boeing employees and apprentices work alongside the RAF, supporting every aspect of the C-17 mission.

  • At its C-17 International Training Centre in Farnborough, Boeing provides almost 600 pilot, loadmaster and engineering courses every year to both UK and international customers.
  • Boeing employees and apprentices are embedded at RAF Brize Norton, the home base for the UK’s fleet of eight C-17s, providing sustainment and support, contributing to the fleet’s overall mission readiness and preparedness.

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Side view of Chinook

E-7 Wedgetail

Three Boeing 737s on British soil, currently undergoing modification at STS Aviation in Birmingham, are set to become the RAF’s future Airborne Early Warning and Control fleet. These aircraft will become central assets in the RAF’s future ISTAR Force, providing unmatched, combat-proven capability.

  • Around 100 highly skilled jobs have been created to support the world’s only E-7 modification line, and many local suppliers are contributing to the programme.
  • Construction partner McLaughlin & Harvey are building new facilities at RAF Lossiemouth to support the E-7 Wedgetail’s introduction into service.
  • Leonardo and Thales UK will develop the aircraft’s defensive aids systems, giving the fleet UK-designed-and-built technology.

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Side view of E-7 Wedgetail

P-8A Poseidon

The UK’s nine P-8A Poseidon aircraft provide increased protection of the UK’s seas and borders with unmatched anti-submarine, anti-surface, maritime patrol, and search and rescue capabilities.

The fleet is housed in the Atlantic Building at RAF Lossiemouth, a £100 million joint investment by Boeing and the Ministry of Defence, where more than 200 Boeing employees provide maintenance, training and support. In addition, 127 UK-based suppliers support the global fleet, helping produce components for P-8s around the world.

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Group of Poseidon aircraft

Innovating for the future

Boeing’s partnership with the UK has helped create a brighter, safer and more sustainable future. Leveraging our decades of experience as a major systems integrator, we are constantly exploring how technology and innovation can support the future of UK defence and security services.

From mission-critical Logistics Information Services to next-generation in-flight digital tools, autonomous systems, and modelling and simulation, we are ready to combine our British roots and unmatched expertise with the breadth and depth of Boeing to build upon these achievements.