Tapestry Solutions, operating through its subsidiary, Miro Technologies Ltd., is a global provider of information management software and services for defence, government and commercial customers. We help solve logistics problems for the world’s largest and most complex supply chains. We also provide training, simulation and technical support to maximise mission readiness for U.S. and allied forces, and partner nations.

Tapestry develops both Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) and highly customised software solutions that are designed for interoperability with legacy systems. Our specialty is integrating and fusing data from multiple sources to provide a common operating picture and actionable information for our customers.

Key Solution Areas

  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) software provides the complete lifecycle support of complex assets such as fighter jets, rotary wing aircraft, combat vehicles, vessels, UAVs, missiles and space systems.
  • Logistics, Planning & Execution solutions for enterprise-wide transportation and distribution management for government defence departments, as well as inventory management, command and control (C2) business intelligence, and enterprise sensor integration solutions.
  • Mission Planning Solutions for tactical aircraft and cruise missiles, including automated route planning, threat management and situational analysis.
  • Mission Command Training & Simulation, including live, virtual and constructive & gaming simulations to prepare military personnel for battle.

Key Products

  • GOLDesp™ MRO & Supply is our leading COTS software product that provides total operational lifecycle support management of complex assets for air, land, sea and space. The fully deployable, enterprise software solution has been successfully implemented as a tri-service solution for aftermarket logistics support for military customers and defence contractors.
  • GOLDesp™ Load Planner enables organizations to quickly create effective and efficient load plans for multi-modal operations for vessels, aircraft, railcars and trucks/trailers. It is a commercial variant of the Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES), a system of record for loading aircraft, ships and railcars, as well as performing associated yard management functions for the U.S. Department of Defense.
  • GOLDesp™ Terminal Manager optimises logistics operations for the daily management of transportation terminals, helping decision-makers derive more accurate predictions for current and future yard plans and cargo transfers. It is also a commercial variant of ICODES.
  • Tapestry Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI) solution is an innovative middleware technology that connects people, processes and data for manufacturing and supply chain operations. Based on our technology deployed at over 50 Boeing assembly plants, ESI provides the platform for the Internet of Things, or IoT. It provides standardisation across the enterprise significantly enhancing operational visibility, productivity and situational awareness, significantly reducing operational costs.
  • Mission Management Suite (M2S) from Tapestry Solutions and Jeppesen is a fully integrated air operations planning, scheduling and management system designed to enhance command and control (C2) capabilities and streamline Air Operations Center (AOC) processes. M2S tracks and manages the full-spectrum of air operations, from initial tasking through mission completion, analysis and reporting.

For more information, please visit us at www.tapestrysolutions.com