Miro Technologies provides enterprise software solutions to manage maintenance, supply, and repair for complex assets operating in air, space, sea and ground environments. Our technology facilitates logistics enterprise integration to ensure organizational agility, optimize supply chain management and reduce sustainment costs. GOLDesp, our industry leading COTS software, has been widely adopted by OEMs, defense contractors and military organizations as a key element in their defense system sustainment strategy since 1981.

The Boeing Company acquired Miro in October 2012 and currently operates Miro as an independent subsidiary within the Logistics Information Management Systems (LIMS) subdivision of the Training Systems and Government Services (TSGS) division of Boeing. LIMS is the premier provider of logistics information management systems and simulations and training solutions for global government, defense and commercial markets. Miro Technologies and Tapestry Solutions, both wholly-owned subsidiaries based in San Diego, form the core of the LIMS business. We are a rapidly growing global organization with 750 employees located worldwide with international locations in Europe, Asia and throughout the Middle East region. We are currently support 85 defense, commercial and government clients from 54 US locations and 9 countries.

We provide a vertically integrated, end-to-end logistics and asset management solution to resolve critical customer business challenges. Our specialized expertise, knowledge and technical capabilities help customers achieve maximum efficiency in their operations and logistics business functions. Our deep technical and domain knowledge is reflected in our global reach across the Value Chain with an extensive COTS and Custom Software Products suite supporting thousands of satisfied customers and sustained by world class training and customer support. Our value proposition is rooted in the combined strength of our proven products, professional services and domain knowledge. Our key discriminators are: experience and trust, long-term customer relationships, affordability, and the agility to execute with a small business culture that is backed by an iconic industry leader.

For more information, visit us at www.mirotechnologies.com

Miro Technologies Ltd is a subsidiary of Tapestry Solutions.