CDG is digitally transforming the product and service cycle with the aerospace and defense ecosystem. Our solutions in digital tech data, interior modification and digital learning help provide greater efficiency, reduce cost and improve response times.

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Digitising Tech Data

CDG has a deep and highly regarded reputation in producing the highest quality technical documentation, offering unmatched capability in every engineering and support discipline as well as tooling solutions. Whatever the size or complexity of the program, CDG has an effective digital solution to help your organisation.

  • We employ scalable solutions, including effective work management, authoring and delivery toolsets that can manage the most complex configurations and workload volumes. We provide robust project management utilizing performance measurement and improvement tools and methodologies.
  • Within defense we support land, sea and air equipment producing technical publications to US, NATO and UK specifications.
  • Within aerospace, we have unrivalled experience and capability supporting commercial and general aviation, with our authoring platforms supporting ATA iSpec 2200, Mil-PRF-87269 and S1000D specifications.
  • Our technical illustrators produce to 2D or 3D visualizations using various engineering and illustration software to cater to our customer’s needs.
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Technical Data Software Solutions

CDG’s technical data software portfolio, Inmedius®, can help your organization to effectively manage, author, publish and distribute your technical data. Our portfolio includes:


Inmedius® S1000Dmanager is a common source database (CSDB) that allows for quick and easy creation of projects and management of S1000D data. S1000Dmanager provides a single-source solution for the creation and management of the data through to publishing workflow, and effective reporting.

Inmedius® Advisor provides automated quality assurance to ensure that authored SGML or XML content conforms to rules and industry standards. S1000D Business Rules Exchange (BREX) authoring allows for validation of project and internal rules sets, along with unique S1000D requirements.

Inmedius® S1000Dpublisher is an add-on module to S1000Dmanager for publishing to a PDF or to S1000Dprism™, an Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP).


Inmedius® S1000DauthorPro™ XE is an XML editor that meets the needs of an author at any level. S1000DauthorPro™ XE provides functions to author in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), Tags, and Text Modes, allowing for initial checks, through to deep dives in to data. With release 7.0, S1000DauthorPro™ XE provides support for schemas that have previously not been supported in this product. This capability allows for authoring non-S1000D data in Tags and Text Modes, which can then be stored in the S1000Dmanager CSDB.

S1000DauthorPro™ provides desktop XML and SGML editing plug-in for users that want to continue using the Arbortext software.
Within the Inmedius® portfolio, we also have a solution for managing ATA iSpec2200 technical documentation.

Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) Viewer

Inmedius® S1000Dprism™ can be used online, offline or via an iPad application to access technical publications. Inmedius® S1000Dreview™ provides a means to review authored content, provide comments, and complete quality control of the documents.

Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC)

Boeing has a global team leveraging a tool set to author and publish Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPC), Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) manuals and Illustrated Parts Lists (IPL); delivering output in a wide variety of mediums in both the ATA standard and S1000D formats. This team manages millions of parts data for over 14,000 aircraft configurations worldwide, within the Boeing ecosystem.

Consulting Support

Our consulting support team can collaborate with your team through the entire work process to meet your unique project needs; be it optimizing legacy data, reviewing your data management processes, upgrading of existing software solutions, or integrating your tech data solution into your engineering systems to synchronize manufacturing changes.

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Digital Learning

CDG provides innovative training solutions, by delivering comprehensive training analysis to identify where training could drive improved performance. Following a blended learning approach, we deliver both formal and informal solutions using engaging learning design and visuals supported by on-the-job content, to encourage the learner to apply their knowledge in a safe and structured way, covering all areas of business.

  • Supporting workforce transformation
  • In-depth industry knowledge combined with training expertise
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Delivering learning at the moment of need
  • Effective training to improve downtime and reduce warranty claims
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Interior Modifications Solutions

We can help develop solutions to meet new cabin configuration requirements for airlines, and aircraft leasing companies. We offer comprehensive engineering services that include engineering design, analysis, certification, ground and flight-testing support, aircraft documentation, and project management. From a single aircraft operator, to the large multi-platform airlines. We deliver a unique proposition through:

  • Global redesign and reconfiguration of aircraft interiors
  • High quality, cost effective engineering solutions
  • Flexibility to adapt to the customer needs
  • Proven services excellence in multi-platform design
  • Interiors modification solutions complying with EASA and GCAA retrofit requirements.


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CDG in the UK

CDG has three offices in the UK, Frimley, Knaresborough and Welwyn Garden City. They form an important part of a team that consists of over a thousand highly skilled engineers and technical authors. This enables our customers to benefit from the delivery of high quality - cost effective - on-shore, near-shore, off-shore, or blended team options.

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