Commercial Airplanes

More than a dozen airlines in the UK operate over 250 Boeing aeroplanes, with a number of overseas airlines also flying Boeing aircraft to UK airports. The 737 family is operated by many airlines familiar to UK passengers. For example, Dublin based Ryanair’s fleet is made up of 737-800s and 737s are also part of the fleet of The 737 MAX family has also seen significant orders from carriers such as Ryanair and TUI. The 747 and 777 continue to be popular members of the British Airways fleet, with a number of cargo airlines also operating the 747-8F and 777F into British airports. Three UK airlines operate the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, TUI, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. The aircraft is also very important for the British economy because on a Dreamliner with Rolls-Royce engines, UK companies make 25 percent of the 787 by value. For information and statistics on orders and deliveries please click here.