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The UK-Boeing partnership dates back to the 1930s and is delivering enhanced prosperity in the UK as it continues to grow. Boeing has doubled its UK workforce and tripled its direct spending with the UK supply chain in the last six years to more than 2,200 employees and £2.1 billion in 2016 respectively, supporting an estimated 16,500 UK jobs in the tier one supply chain in the UK. This growth continues in 2017 and beyond.

To tell that story of growth and increased prosperity in the UK we asked three of our team to tell their own story of a day at work, helping build a stronger UK.


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Neil’s Story

The alarm goes off again. It’s 3:15 A.M. Neil Walker knows he has reached his allotment of “snoozes” for the morning, so he rolls out of bed and splashes his face—he’s got a 285-mile trip ahead.


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Lucy’s Story

It is early. Too early for most, except for a few chirpy starlings on this particular morning. And Lucy Brown. It’s time to get to work. Lucy picks out an outfit and laces up her shoes. These shoes aren’t for the office though.


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Richard’s Story

It’s 6:45 A.M. in Salisbury. Richard Pillans braves the morning commute, makes small talk with his fellow colleagues and attends the team’s daily brief. So far, his morning isn’t much different than yours or mine.


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