Next-Generation 737

The members of the Next-Generation 737 family -- the 737-600/-700/-800/-900ER models -- continue the 737's popularity and reliability in commercial jetliner transport.

The 737 family is operated by airlines familiar to UK passengers.  For example, Ryanair’s fleet is made up of 737-800s and 737s are also part of the fleets of British Airways, Jet2 and Thomson Airways.

737 MAX

The 737 MAX incorporates the best of future engine technologies for unprecedented levels of efficiency, reliability and passenger appeal.

MAX Efficiency includes 19% lower fuel use than today's main competitors. The new 737 MAX Advanced Technology winglet provides a reduction in fuel use of up to 1.5%. With these new MAX AT winglets, the 737 MAX advantage means that per-seat operating costs will be 8% lower compared to its main competitors.

MAX Passenger Appeal is found in the new Boeing Sky Interior, which dramatically elevates the passenger experience, creating preference and loyalty.

The superior fuel efficiency of the 737 MAX reduces carbon emissions for better environmental performance. And the noise footprint of the 737 MAX is improved for airlines and airport communities, at 40% smaller than today's single-aisle airplanes.

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