Boeing Defence UK (BDUK) has established a training organisation to enhance the delivery of integrated, platform-based military capability to support our customers’ operational requirements. We deliver the whole spectrum of the training cycle, including analysis, design, development, delivery and evaluation, as well as infrastructure requirements.

Our C-17 International Training Centre (ITC) at the FlightSafety International facility in Farnborough, provides all elements of aircrew and maintainer training to a wide range of UK international operators of the C-17 platform. The ITC offers a modern training environment incorporating high fidelity synthetic and virtual training devices, including a full motion simulator, an advanced maintenance procedures trainer and a virtual cargo load model; complemented by classroom based instruction and media.

BDUK also supports non-platform based training, with our staff at the Air Battlespace Training Centre at RAF Waddington providing a training delivery service for the Ministry of Defence’s Distributed Synthetic Air Land Training (DSALT) programme. This flexible and dynamic service focuses on the conduct of contingency training for UK and coalition forces, delivering a synthetic training capability to enhance high levels of inter-operability between air, land and joint forces in combat environments. We also have access to the wealth of training experience, knowledge and systems that Boeing has developed in support of customers worldwide. BDUK leverages this global experience to ensure that customers receive affordable, agile and sustainable training solutions to meet their requirements for today and for future as yet unknown environments.

BDUK supports our Chinook customers at RAF Odiham by providing a digital automated flight control system (DAFCS) familiarisation rig to support the training needs of Chinook pilots and maintainers.  It allows the students to become familiar with the DAFCS system from both a piloting and maintenance perspective thereby increasing the system knowledge before they are placed in an operational environment.