Under the well-established TLCS contract Boeing signed a 34-year contract with the MoD in December 2008 to install an upgraded cockpit into eight of the Chinook fleet. In August 2009, an extension of the initial contract was signed to fit the enhanced cockpit capability across the entire RAF Chinook fleet.

Project Julius includes the modification of RAF Chinook helicopters into Mk4 and Mk5 configurations. The major modifications include upgraded and integrated cockpit displays, and the addition of a 3rd Crew member seat. The new cockpit displays includes the addition of four Multi-Function Displays and two Stand-by Flight Displays, interfacing with the aircraft through Vehicle Management Modules, updating Control Display Navigation Units to interface with the navigation suite. The “Center Instrument Panel” remains unchanged.

The high visibility of this programme within the UK MoD meant achieving Julius Initial Operating Capability was critical to our UK Rotorcraft Business. Release to Service was achieved on the 11th May 2012, with the declaration of Initial Operating Capability achieved on the 15th June 2012.

Thales is the main subcontractor for the Cockpit Display System/Mission.

Avionics System (CDS/MAS);Vector Aerospace was selected as the installer in early 2009 for first 8 aircraft; since that time a contract extension has been signed with Vector for aircraft 9 – 20.  The majority of the Chinook fleet will be fitted with JULIUS by the end of 2015.