• Boeing in the UK Gender Pay Report for 2018

    March 26, 2019 - Today, Boeing UK published its Gender Pay Report for 2018, according to the legal requirement for companies in the UK with over 250 employees to submit annual pay data to UK Government. Boeing Defence UK Ltd (BDUK) fits this criteria and so the report applies to one entity only and not all Boeing UK & Ireland employees or business units.

    Diversity and inclusion are part of Boeing’s Enduring Values and are integral to our business strategy to become a global industrial champion. We know we are stronger and make better decisions when our teams reflect the diversity of the many com- munities in which we operate. Our commitment to empowering women is just one example of Boeing’s wider strategy to attract and retain the best diverse talent across our enterprise. Our people and our culture are our differentiators. Providing a work environment for all employees that is welcoming, respectful, fair, ethical and inspiring, with opportunities for advancement and development, is at our core.

    We recognise that the UK Government’s methodology reflected in this report does indicate a pay gap, due to the greater proportion of men than women in senior roles at Boeing in the UK. We reaffirm Boeing’s commitment to attract, retain, and address this and to develop female talent in the business at all levels to foster greater parity in senior roles over time. Further, we provide equal pay for men and women performing similar work.

    Boeing has established robust frameworks in the areas of recruitment, career development, and training and talent retention that support and promote inclusive work practices. Boeing leaders across the globe are committed to fostering a workplace where employees can be true to themselves and can contribute fully to our mission to connect, protect, explore and inspire the world through aerospace innovation.

    Boeing aspires to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture where ideas and different perspectives are welcomed, and where everyone is empowered, valued and respected for their contribution to the organisation’s growth, business performance and results. Gender equality and an inclusive workplace are the foundations of a productive, growing, innovative and successful industrial champion.

    Boeing is determined to address the traditional gender imbalance in the aerospace and aviation sector by building balanced talent pools and working hard to reach underrepresented demographic groups. Boeing set out three key focus areas in the 2017 gender pay report, which still constitute our long-term action plan: recruiting the best people from the widest talent pool, developing and advancing talent within the company, and retaining our best people. We are confident that we will see further improvement as we consistently implement our action plan.

    Our business excellence is powered by all our employees here at Boeing.

    Read the full report here.