• Boeing Statement on U.S. Department of Commerce Announcement re Bombardier Dumping

    October 6, 2017 - “Today the U.S. Department of Commerce affirmed the magnitude to which Bombardier has dumped C Series aircraft in the United States, selling those aircraft at prices millions below production cost in an illegal effort to grab market share in the U.S. single-aisle airplane market. As a result of its dumping investigation, the Commerce Department has announced a preliminary duty determination of 79.82%, which will be imposed on each Bombardier C Series aircraft imported into the United States. This determination confirms that, as Boeing alleged in its petition, Bombardier dumped its aircraft into the U.S. market at absurdly low prices. This anti-dumping duty is separate from and in addition to the 219.63% duty announced by Commerce last week to address government subsidies Bombardier has received.

    “Today’s decision follows a fact-based investigation by the Commerce Department and it validates Boeing’s dumping complaints regarding Bombardier’s pricing in the United States. This was an avoidable outcome within Bombardier’s control. The laws governing global trade are transparent and well known. These duties are the consequence of a conscious decision by Bombardier to violate trade law and dump their C Series aircraft to secure a sale. This dumping in our home market was not a situation Boeing could ignore, and we’re now simply asking for laws already on the books to be enforced.

    “Despite the recent rhetoric regarding these proceedings, this case continues to focus on preserving a level playing field in the aerospace market and adherence to the globally-accepted agreements governing free and fair trade. Bombardier always has the option of coming into full compliance with trade laws. We look forward to the conclusion of this case early next year.”


    Boeing in the UK: “Boeing and the UK will celebrate 80 years of partnership in 2018. The company has doubled its direct employment in the UK since 2011 and tripled its spending with more than 250 companies in the UK supply chain over the same period, to £2.1 billion in 2016. More than 18,700 jobs in the UK are at Boeing or in the company’s tier one supply chain. Earlier this month Boeing broke ground for its first factory in Europe, in Sheffield. We are pleased to work with our partners, including the British Government, and provide such a vote of confidence in the UK.”