• Partners in Flight - an exciting new learning programme from IWM Duxford, supported by Boeing

    9 March 2015 - Partners in Flight is an exciting new outreach programme for primary and middle schools in the East of England. Supported by Boeing, the programme complements the learning offer at IWM Duxford and adds to our portfolio of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning sessions.

    The Boeing B-29 Superfortress, one of the most iconic aircraft of the Second World War, forms the centrepoint for the learning activity.

    One of the largest aircraft to see service during the Second World War, the B-29 was one of the most advanced aircraft of its time. The crew areas were pressurised and connected by a long tube over the bomb bays. The tail gunner had a separate pressurised area that could only be left during unpressurised flight. The B-29 was also the heaviest production aircraft because of increases in range, bomb load and defensive requirements.

    During the outreach session, children work together to re-assemble a large 1/8 scale model of a Boeing B-29 Superfortress from its component parts. They will also participate in STEM challenges, including navigating and calculating routes; measuring optimum air pressure for sustainable human life; balancing fuel and payload, and calculating gun turret firing control.

    Partners in Flight will inspire the next generation of young people to recognise how the Science, Design and Technology, Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics can lead to rich and varied career paths by presenting those subjects in an engaging and enthusiastic way.

    In collaboration with Boeing, this project aims to counter gaps in technical and engineering skills in the workplace by enthusing and encouraging children to enjoy STEM activities from an early age.

    “Boeing is proud to launch Partners in Flight with the American Air Museum at IWM Duxford to help encourage young people to study STEM subjects and take an interest in aviation” said Sir Michael Arthur, president, Boeing UK and Ireland. “This outreach project is part of Boeing’s Corporate Citizenship programme in the UK which aims to offer new opportunities for young people and inspire the next generation of aerospace engineers as Boeing approaches its second century.”

    The project will also inspire primary school STEM teachers to try new and innovative ways of teaching in the classroom, through hands-on sessions with their classes and also through Continuing Professional Development Teachers’ Days, which run in conjunction with the National Science Learning Centre Consortium (Central England).

    The Days will combine professional development with fun and engaging learning-outside-the-classroom challenges. Activities will include raising and measuring attainment in primary science; primary computer science (coding); working scientifically outside the classroom; using museum exhibits to find answers to mathematical questions; forces of flight; V1 rockets and the science of D-Day.

    The Continuing Professional Development Teachers’ Day runs on Thursday 9 April, Wednesday 20 May, Saturday 13 June and Tuesday 7 July. The cost for a Day is £40 including lunch.

    Wayne Jarvis, Director, National Science Learning Centre Consortium (East of England) said: “We are delighted to work in partnership with IWM Duxford and Boeing. We are celebrating ten years of the National Science Learning Network and know that Continuing Professional Development makes a real difference to individual teachers, schools and ultimately to children’s learning. We share the vision of inspiring and developing the next generation of scientists, engineers and technicians and ensuring we have a well-informed and scientifically-capable society.”

    Sue Chippington, Head of the Department for Learning at IWM Duxford said: “This exciting new programme will show how the science and technology of the past can be used as an educational tool for the future to inspire potential scientists, engineers and mathematicians.”

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