• Boeing delivery of 14th new-build Mk6 Chinook completes current orders for the United Kingdom

    ODIHAM, UNITED KINGDOM,  7 December 2015 - Boeing [NYSE: BA] has delivered its 14th Mk6 Chinook completing the United Kingdom’s most recent order and growing the RAF Chinook fleet to 60 aircraft. The order completion coincided with the 35th anniversary of Chinook operations for the UK.

    “Since they were introduced into service in 1980, our Chinook fleet has played an integral supporting role for British forces, and have been deployed on an almost continuous basis since,” said Royal Air Force Air Vice-Marshal Julian Young, Director of Helicopters in the United Kingdom’s Defence Equipment & Support organization. “These new Mark-6 helicopters will significantly enhance our existing heavy-lift helicopter and Special Forces capability. Our overall fleet of 60 Chinooks will support our frontline troops in current and future operations for decades to come.”

    The RAF has operated Chinooks in every major NATO engagement since 1980 and on virtually every continent. The service uses its Chinooks to perform troop transport, air assault and medical evacuation missions. In addition, the RAF and U.K. Ministry of Defence Equipment and Support have worked closely with Boeing to implement performance-based logistics initiatives to increase the readiness of Britain’s Chinook fleet. The Mk6 Chinook has a new, machined monolithic airframe, UK-specific avionics, rescue hoist and interoperable communication and navigation equipment.

    "The Chinook Mk6 programme has demonstrated what can be achieved through true partnering," said David Pitchforth, managing director, Boeing Defence UK. "The whole Boeing team, reaching across the company from the U.S. to the UK, has worked seamlessly with MOD to deliver this programme to everyone's satisfaction." BDUK manages the RAF’s entire fleet of Chinook helicopters via the through life customer support contract that supports nearly 1,000 jobs in the UK.

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    Boeing is approaching 2,000 employees across the UK at numerous sites, from Glasgow to Gosport, and the company is experiencing solid organic growth. In 2013 Boeing celebrated 75 years of partnership with the United Kingdom, the Armed Forces, British manufacturing and the air transport industry. Today the UK remains a critically important market, supplier base and a source of some of the world’s most inventive technology partners. Boeing’s expenditure with the UK aerospace industry in 2014 was £1.4 billion ($2.2 billion) and the company’s activities worldwide support more than 60,000 UK jobs, in the process enhancing skills, facilitating exports and generating intellectual property. Follow us on Twitter @BoeingUK.