• CDG, a Boeing Company Forms Partnership with Saffron Technology

    CDG Becomes First to Offer Saffron’s Associative Memory Solutions into Worldwide Aerospace & Defense Industry

    March 02, 2012 - CDG, a Boeing Company and Saffron Technology, Inc., a privately-held software firm providing Natural Intelligence¹ solutions for business and government, today announced that CDG has joined the Saffron Natural Intelligence Network as an Authorized Saffron Partner. With this announcement, CDG is becoming the first authorized distributor of the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform™ for the worldwide aerospace and defense industry.

    Founded in 1969, CDG is a recognized leader in technical data and technical documentation solutions, supporting some of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers and suppliers. CDG became a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company in 2000, and has continued to expand its portfolio to offer advanced software solutions, training solutions, engineering services, and process consulting for aerospace and defense and other engineering-focused industries.

    Saffron, founded in 1999, is the world leader in associative memory software. The Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform, including SaffronMemoryBase™, improves sense-making, decision support, and predictive analytics as the system learns incrementally through real time, streaming data, and continuously identifies patterns and situations in data. Connections and frequencies among people, places, things and events, for example, are captured as “memories” in Saffron; as new data arrives, new memories are constantly formed.

    “CDG is well-known for its expertise in providing solutions that can be applied across the full engineering data lifecycle, with advanced technical services and software to support complex equipment development, maintenance and operations. Saffron is the inventor and leading innovator in associative data analytics. Together we deliver to our joint customers enhanced sense-making, decision support and predictive analytics support, combined with data management leadership and solutions implementation power,” said Gayle Sheppard, executive chair, Saffron Technology.

    Gary Beyer, CDG Vice President of Business Development for Defense, Space and Energy commented, “Economic impacts on defense policy and procurement practices are driving aerospace and defense companies to become far leaner and smarter in their operations than ever before. For some, it’s a matter of survival. CDG is leveraging this state-of-the-art technology from Saffron to help our customers drive significant value from the engineering and logistics data they already use on a daily basis, by extracting intelligence from that data to improve competitiveness and lower costs across the entire supply chain.”

    ¹Natural intelligence is storing, recalling and reasoning from memories. It’s what we as humans do. It’s what Saffron does. Saffron provides Natural Intelligence solutions that help corporations and government entities rapidly exploit the experience in their data to better understand scenarios, determine best possible courses of action, and make higher value decisions about critical issues. Our customers are innovators, in academia, corporations, and government. They are engaged in high-stakes research, financial analysis, risk management, supply chain operations, national security, health care, social media and marketing, and more. To learn more about the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform, including SaffronMemoryBase and related offerings, visit www.saffrontech.com.

    Saffron Technology.
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    A subsidiary of The Boeing Company, CDG offers its customers a high degree of confidence, backed by a reputation for long-term stability and reliability, stringent security measures, and ISO-certified quality assurance practices.

    CDG, a Boeing Company, is a world-class strategic partner for engineering-driven organizations that develop, support, and maintain complex equipment. The company provides industry-leading Engineering Solutions, Technical Documentation, Training Solutions, and Process Consulting to organizations in multiple industries.

    CDG offers more than 40 years of experience and highly-skilled global teams to deliver quality services and solutions for defense and space, commercial aviation, manufacturing, energy, and other engineering-focused industries. By relying on CDG to improve the overall effectiveness of equipment support and maintenance processes, CDG’s partners are able to concentrate on their core business, increase efficiency, and ultimately provide enhanced value to their own customers.

    For more information, visit the CDG web site at www.cdgnow.com.