• Boeing and the Royal Aeronautical Society inspire over 200 children at the ‘Ballantyne Lecture’

    April 27, 2012 - On 25 April 2012, Boeing supported the Royal Aeronautical Society’s annual Youth Day, known as the ‘Ballantyne Lecture’. Over 200 children gathered in the premises of the Society in central London to attend a series of presentations exploring the links between space, aerospace and sport while also participating in practical workshops. "We are particularly pleased to sponsor the Ballantyne lecture” said Sir Roger Bone, president of Boeing UK & Ireland, “this annual event contributes to the development of the aerospace workforce of tomorrow in the UK while building upon our important relationship with the Royal Aeronautical Society".

    Presentations included a demonstration of lower limb compression garments for fighter pilots made by QinetiQ, a speech by Lauren Richardson, a 25 years old aerobatic pilot and national champion and an overview of the links between Formula 1 racing cars, Boeing airplanes and aerospace engineering by James Allison, technical director of Lotus F1 Team.

    Workshops included an ‘astronaut boot camp’ led by Charles ‘Chuck’ Lloyd, Program Manager, Human Research Program Education & Outreach Projects, NASA. Children were particularly thrilled to try out various physical activities conducted to ensure astronaut remain in top shape before, during and after their trips to space.