• Boeing and Eaton celebrate contribution of UK engineers to the 787 Dreamliner

    September 27, 2011 - Sir Roger Bone, President of Boeing United Kingdom, and Mark Hoban, Member of Parliament for Fareham and Financial Secretary to the Treasury, commended Eaton’s UK workforce for its contribution to the design and manufacture of critical fuel systems for the 787 Dreamliner. At an event in Eaton’s Titchfield plant in Hampshire, held to coincide with the first 787 delivery, Eaton showcased the technologies that have helped ensure the aircraft uses 20 percent less fuel than similarly sized jets in operation today.

    From Left: Frank Dubey, VP Fuel Systems, Eaton Aerospace, Sir Roger Bone, President, Boeing United Kingdom and Mark Hoban MP

    The 787 is the first commercial composite aircraft, which created significant technological challenges relating to the way all components are molded to the aircraft and in particular with fuel systems. Working closely with Boeing, Eaton’s UK engineers designed and developed new fuel systems that were not only compatible with composite structures, but also the first to be compliant with stringent new Federal Aircraft Regulations.

    “The UK has a strong legacy in engineering excellence, particularly within the aerospace sector,” said Frank Dubey, Eaton’s vice president and general manager, Fuel Systems Division. ”At Eaton, we are keen to encourage the next generation of aeronautical engineers and pride ourselves on investing in university partnerships, apprenticeship schemes and leadership development programs to bring on the next generation and drive innovation. With the launch of an iconic aircraft such as the 787, our employees can take pleasure in knowing that their expertise plays a crucial part in the future of flight.”

    “The Boeing 787 represents the future of commercial aircraft design, with a largely composite construction that minimizes weight and maximizes fuel efficiency,” said Sir Roger Bone, president of Boeing United Kingdom. “Building aircraft from composite materials involves several technological challenges, overcoming which requires close collaboration with our key suppliers. Eaton and its UK workforce will therefore continue to be a key strategic partner for Boeing as we ramp up production of the 787 and invest in the development of even more efficient aircraft into the future.”