• Boeing’s first production facility in Europe

    February 27, 2017

    A brand new 2,300-square-metre (25,000 sq. ft.) Boeing production site, Boeing Sheffield, will be built alongside the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing (AMRC) campus, subject to local authority and other relevant planning permissions. The facility will manufacture high-tech components for Boeing’s Next-Generation 737, 737 MAX and 777 aircraft. These actuation systems will be used on the trailing edge of wings of these models. 

    As the first Boeing production facility in Europe, the building of Boeing Sheffield marks an exciting step forward for Boeing’s footprint in the UK and is the result of a Boeing investment of more than £20 million.  Through bringing actuation work in-house a related new work statement will be placed at the Boeing facility in Portland, Oregon, USA and will result in jobs being created in both the UK and the US. Furthermore, the opening of Boeing Sheffield will open up new opportunities for UK suppliers to bid for work and is part of a company investment in manufacturing that will benefit our customers by driving improvements in quality and efficiency.

    Boeing co-founded the world-class AMRC with the University of Sheffield in 2001 and since then has strengthened the partnership through major R&D programmes designed to develop advanced manufacturing technologies for the aerospace sector. Through the partnership complex advanced manufacturing problems are resolved through innovation and enable manufacturing excellence and the advancement of the UK’s aerospace capabilities. 

    With over ninety member businesses, the AMRC works alongside not only large aerospace companies such as Boeing, but also local manufacturing firms and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), to develop science and engineering capabilities, and to undertake research that paves the way to major manufacturing breakthroughs. Several hundred apprentices are also trained on the site each year.

    From the Northern Powerhouse to the Midlands Engine, and the recently launched Industrial Strategy, developing the UK’s manufacturing sector and driving growth across the country are shared priorities for the UK Government and Boeing. Although Boeing has numerous locations across the UK already, the company is proud to be expanding our presence in the North of England, creating high-skilled jobs and contributing to the growth of the regional economy in Yorkshire. 

    The talent and infrastructure available in the UK will ensure that this new facility helps our business to grow, maintaining a high level of productivity and quality to meet our significant order book.

    Key features and functions of the facility at Boeing Sheffield will include:

    • A 2,300 square metre (25,000 sq. ft.) production site;
    • Employ 30 people at opening;
    • The manufacture of actuation systems, which are used on the trailing edge of the wings of commercial aircraft to extend and retract the wing’s flaps during different phases of flight which enable take-off and landing at lower speeds and provide drag to help slow the aircraft.; and
    • Boeing Sheffield will become part of Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ Fabrication operations, working closely with Boeing Portland – a company ‘Center of Excellence’ for complex machining, gear systems and flight controls.

    Boeing Sheffield represents a landmark development in our long-standing partnership with the UK. Alongside last November’s unveiling of plans for a Boeing commercial aviation maintenance hangar at Gatwick Airport, the company has reinforced its ongoing commitment to deliver on the UK Government’s prosperity agenda. We will continue this joint commitment with them to create jobs, secure R&D investment and create supply chain opportunities that will benefit the UK for years to come.