• Boeing publishes its report per UK gender pay gap regulations

    March 27, 2018

    Boeing today released its 2017 data for Boeing Defence UK Ltd (BDUK) in accordance with the UK Government’s gender pay gap regulations. The gender pay gap, as defined in the regulations, is a comparison between mean and median hourly pay and incentive awards for all men and women within a business and the report is a snapshot from 7 April 2017.

    The report shows that BDUK has a mean gender pay gap of 16.99% and a median gender pay gap of 14.16%, based on the UK Government’s methodology. The UK national mean gender pay gap is 18.10%. In the 12 months leading up to 7 April 2017, 91% of female colleagues and 90% of male colleagues in BDUK received an incentive award. The numbers do not reflect whether an employer provides equal pay for equal work – as Boeing does.

    Further data on the proportion of male and female colleagues in each pay quartile, along with details of the action that Boeing is taking to foster gender diversity, are in the report.

    The UK Government gender pay gap transparency regulations ask for data on employing legal entities in the UK which have more than 250 employees. Boeing has one such entity, BDUK, and of the total Boeing workforce based in the UK, which was 1,824 (as of 7 April 2017), 1,160 were employed by BDUK. Today, Boeing employs 2,297 people in the UK. Boeing actively ensures that the core principles of Diversity and Inclusion (which include equal opportunity) are embedded across our entire business through its Enduring Values and Boeing Behaviours.

    Boeing leaders across the globe are committed to creating a workplace where employees can contribute fully to our vision of becoming a global industrial champion. Boeing is focusing on three key areas: recruiting the best people from the widest talent pool, facilitating the development and success of talent within the company, and retaining talent.