Industrial Engagement in the UK

Boeing is proud to become the first supplier to sign up to the new Defence and Security Industrial Engagement Policy (DSIEP). In February 2012 the MoD announced a new approach towards engagement with overseas-based defence suppliers, with the aim of encouraging these companies to invest in the defence sector in the UK. DSIEP encourages participating companies to:

  • See the UK as a prime location to engage in research & development investment and technology transfer
  • Extend opportunities for UK companies to become part of their supply chain
  • Engage specifically with SMEs in these activities and, where possible, provide advice to enhance SMEs’ opportunities to succeed in the market place

The key to successful industrial engagement is relevance and affordability. Businesses of all sizes can gain insight into Boeing's products and services from the wealth of information available at In general terms Boeing purchases systems and sub-systems that are integrated into aircraft. Boeings has an extensive supply chain that buys the component parts that are required to build systems and sub-systems. Where British business identify a direct fit, it is helpful to receive a brief overview of the company, describing where and how you can add value to Boeing, your competitive discriminators, and examples of successes that relate to the defence industry, by using and completing the two documents listed below.

Under the direction of Tim Wheeler, Boeing has a dedicated UK industrial engagement team with reach back into programmes throughout Boeing.

Tim can be contacted via telephone or e-mail :
Mr.Tim Wheeler on +44 (0) 1908 287038 or e-mail: