Our centennial in 2016 marked 100 years of innovation in products and services that helped transform aviation and the world. The same dedication is bringing ongoing innovation in more efficient, cleaner products and operations for our employees, customers and communities around the globe. Our strategy and actions reflect goals and priorities that address the most critical environmental challenges facing our company, customers and industry. We’re reducing waste and water use in our facilities, even as we see our business growing. In addition, we’re finding alternatives to chemicals and hazardous materials in our products and operations, and leading the global development of sustainable aviation fuels. Meeting climate change and other challenges head-on requires a global approach. Boeing works closely with government agencies, customers, stakeholders and research facilities worldwide to develop solutions that help protect the environment. Our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future drives action at every level of the company. Every day, thousands of Boeing employees lead activities and projects that advance progress in reducing emissions and conserving water and resources. In the face of rapidly changing business and environmental landscapes, Boeing is pursuing the innovation and leadership that will build a brighter, more sustainable future for our employees, customers, communities and industry.

As part of the commitment to the Environment, Boeing in the UK manages its activities to the International standard ISO14001. Boeing Defence UK and Continental DataGraphics locations are certified by Lloyds Register (LRQA), and the scope of this certification will be expanded to all UK operations over the next couple of years. A key principle of this standard is continual improvement and therefore we are always receptive to feedback related to our performance in this area – please contact christopher.maxwell@boeing.com.

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Download the full 2017 Environment Report PDF or you can find the Executive Summary here.

Boeing in the UK is a member of Sustainable Aviation. More information about our environmental activities can be found at http://www.boeing.com/principles/environment/.

Boeing UK each year delivers a series of education and volunteering activities in schools and in the community focused on the importance of positive action to protect the environment.