Boeing and the Royal Academy of Engineering enter the second year of their educational support partnership with the launch of the Mission to Mars – a STEM learning resource.

Mission to Mars aims to provide students with the opportunity to investigate the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) of space exploration through a network of more than 50 state maintained primary and secondary schools. This resource covers three aspects of travel to Mars, and each can be completed on its own or form a narrative for a whole day session. The three sections are Launch, Landing and Life on Mars.

Our partnership has enabled the Academy to recruit five specialist STEM lead teachers in 2017 to support teachers in the delivery of engaging and diverse STEM activities, as well as provide training and encouraging the dissemination of good practice and sharing of ideas.

These specialist teachers, called Teacher Coordinators (TCs) form a valuable part of the Academy’s highly-successful Connecting STEM Teachers programme established in 2011 and is currently active in 900 schools across the UK.

The programme aims to create a national network of support for teachers across all STEM subjects, ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to engage a greater number and wider spectrum of school students with STEM. Boeing support the development of high quality STEM teaching and learning resources such as Mission to Mars, for use across the Connecting STEM Teachers network.

Central to the continued success of the Connecting STEM Teachers programme is the work of the Academy’s TC’s who lead support networks for local STEM teachers across the UK.

The TCs are experienced teachers of STEM subjects whose core responsibilities are to:

  • disseminate free training and learning resources to local STEM teachers
  • provide networking opportunities for teachers
  • lead enhanced learning opportunities for pupils
  • promote collaboration between STEM teachers
  • help to develop STEM learning resources

More information about Connecting STEM Teachers and education programmes can be found at:

As the UK’s national academy for engineering, the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) brings together the most successful and talented engineers for a shared purpose: to advance and promote excellence in engineering. The RAEng provides analysis and policy support to promote the UK’s role as a great place to do business and take a lead on engineering education and well as investing in the UK’s world-class research base to underpin innovation.

The RAEng works with corporate partners to tackle four strategic challenges:

  • Make the UK the leading nation for engineering innovation
  • Address the engineering skills crisis
  • Position engineering at the heart of society
  • Lead the profession