The Royal Academy of Arts (RA) partnership with Boeing supports an outstanding programme of practical workshops for primary, secondary and further education students. Some take place onsite at the RA, others in schools around the United Kingdom. Through these workshops students develop their art and design skills, gain confidence in expressing their own ideas and opinions, develop experimentation skills and an appreciation for the arts and see themselves as creative individuals. Students look carefully at and analyse works of art, relate them to their own lives and develop their own interpretation of the work. In the practical activities, students explore art materials and techniques and work creatively either individually or in groups to create paintings, sculptures, collages, drawings or prints. At all workshops students engage in a dialogue about their work and articulate what they have accomplished.

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Workshops for Primary, Secondary, Further Education (FE) Schools and Outreach Workshops


For our in-house workshops, students will engage in discussion about the artworks, visit the exhibition and then experiment in a making session.

Artist for a Day: Signs and Symbols

Jasper Johns is an innovative painter, printmaker and sculptor. He uses everyday objects including flags and numbers in his work, making us see them in new ways. Working with paint, collage and sculpture, students will select familiar objects, rethink their meaning, and present them in art, exploring form, pattern and colour.

Selected dates in October, November and December 2017,
10.15am – 1pm

Artist for a Day: Exploring Printmaking

Explore the many prints in the Summer Exhibition and learn about the various printmaking techniques artists use. Focusing on relief printing techniques, students will create their own print and then create their own display.

Selected dates in June and July 2018,
10.15am – 1pm.

Drawing lab: Characterful Creatures

In this artist-led workshop students will learn a range of drawing techniques and skills, experimenting with materials, working from observation, imagination and memory. Through drawing exercises and games using charcoal and different papers, students will build a portfolio of drawings that will serve as inspiration in creating a characterful creature and for future art projects.

In January through March 2018
10am – 12pm.


In our in-house workshops, students will engage in critical analysis of the artworks in the exhibition, then explore artistic practice in a making session.

In the Studio: Things the Mind Already Knows

In the galleries, students will interrogate the ways in which Jasper Johns transforms familiar objects, symbolic references to literature, and his own experiences to pose questions about the role of art in the world. In the practical workshop, students will appropriate familiar objects and motifs, using two and three-dimensional media to open up new ideas about ‘what the mind already knows’.

Selected dates in October, November and December 2017,
10.15am – 2.30pm

In the Studio: Exploring Printmaking

Looking at examples from the Summer Exhibition students will explore printmaking techniques and use lino and woodblock printing techniques to create their own works.

Selected dates in June and July 2018,
10.15am – 1pm.

Drawing lab: Building Spaces

Guided by practicing artists, students will experiment with drawing materials and techniques, working from observation, imagination and memory. A range of quick drawing activities will introduce working with charcoal and the expressive possibilities of mark making. Students will then explore the idea of buildings and cities by using drawing and collage to create a work that responds to evocative text about a city.

In January through March
10am – 12pm,

FE workshops

We have expanded our offer to include 5 FE workshops.

As in all our workshops, the two main components are discussion and creating art.

Outreach Workshops: Primary and Secondary Schools

The school can choose one of two options for an outreach workshop.

Life drawing

Students will draw from a life model, (clothed for primary workshops), observing the body sitting, standing and moving in a variety of poses. They will use different drawing techniques (using charcoal and pastels) to develop self-expression and their own personal mark-making language.


Students will explore a range of approaches to portraiture, including caricature, movement, invention and identity, working both from observation and their imagination. These workshops use charcoal, chalk pastels and clay (optional).