Tree Nurseries Programme

Boeing supports the Earth Restoration Service (ERS) Tree Nurseries Programme, through which native tree saplings (Field Maple, Mountain Ash, Oak, Hornbeam, Wild Cherry, Silver Birch, Lime Tree, Hazel) are planted in hundreds of schools across the UK with the aim of enhancing the quality of local ecosystems. The activity encourages children to help with the planting and growing of the trees, thus enhancing their knowledge of the natural environment and giving them a sense of achievement. The programme has fundamental educational implications, because it teaches school children about the carbon cycle, how trees fit in the ecosystem and their role in the food chain. Once the saplings reach the correct maturity, the trees are planted out where they are most needed, such as in neglected urban areas or where they could best thrive, such as in nearby woodland. This is an effective way for children to learn about ecology and for the schools to productively engage with their local communities and council authorities by resolving where best to plant the trees for the maximum benefit to the local environment, leading to the creation of new green spaces.

Since 2010 Boeing and the ERS have teamed up to mark Earth Day, an international event during which Boeing encourages its employees to create and get involved in environmental projects in the communities where they live and work. To that effect, in April every year, Boeing volunteers participate with the ERS in the planting of native trees in schools nearby their offices. So far a total of 30 schools and 1,000 children have been visited by Boeing staff to celebrate Earth Day with the Earth Restoration Service in Bristol, Gatwick, Gosport, Heathrow, Milton Keynes, Waddington, Welwyn Garden City and Yeovil.

The work that Boeing does with the Earth Restoration Service aligns with the company’s commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of its products and operations, helping Boeing reduce waste and improve productivity. The ultimate objective of this project is to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire changes, large and small, that everyone can make every day to help drive positive improvements.

About the charity

The Earth Restoration Service is a UK based charity with the goal to restore environmental degradation through positive action at local level whilst inspiring the world’s citizens to play their part in rehabilitating the natural health of their environments. The ERS’ approach is one of proactive collaboration with schools, community groups, other charities, businesses and government agencies to create a global alliance to address the challenge of regenerating the earth. Since establishing the charity in 2004, the ERS has served over 500 schools across the UK & further afield, planting over 60,000 new trees, and engaging 50,000 children & their local communities.