Analysis Modelling, Simulation & Experimentation

The Boeing Portal

The Boeing Portal is Boeing Defence UK's (BDUK) state-of-the art facility that uses advanced technologies to support customers' needs to explore and understand requirements in both the defence and security domains.

The Boeing Portal provides the infrastructure and expertise to enable stake-holders to examine complex problems from concept through to productisation. The facility includes systems that can provide real-time, dynamic environments using the latest in advanced modelling, simulation, analysis and experimentation techniques.

The Boeing Portal was opened in 2011 in Fleet, Hampshire, England. It provides the environment to conduct experimentation to analyse all aspects of military and security related operations. The centre can be used to compare the effectiveness and survivability of competing systems, to test future scenarios, and to assess potential solutions before they are delivered to the user community.

These studies are conducted across a wide range of existing and future operational scenarios and against a variety of threats. The team of operations analysts hold Master degrees and are supported by in-house technical engineers. They use advanced processes, tools and applications to create complex synthetic environments, hosting multiple concurrent simulations. Operators participate with live assets and in virtual simulations across international time zones in near real-time through Boeing’s ultra high speed proprietary Laboratory Network (LabNet).

Following conceptual analysis studies, The Boeing Portal can develop bespoke products through the collaborative working of BDUK’s own product development engineers and others from wider industry partners.

The Boeing Portal's efforts support of the UK Government, as well as U.S. and international customers such as NATO and the European Defence Agency.