The environment is an important issue for all of us. The best contribution we can make is to continue to invest aggressively to improve the environmental performance of our products throughout their entire life cycle. For decades, Boeing and others in our industry have been improving the efficiency and environmental performance of our products.  Today, our aeroplanes are as fuel and CO2-efficient as the average train and more efficient than the average car.  But while aviation accounts for just 2% of global carbon emissions, it is growing and we fully recognize the need for continued action. We are already investing in:
  • Producing more fuel efficient aircraft
  • Facilitating the development of alternative low-CO2 fuel technologies with airline and fuel producing partners, including fuel cells and sustainable aviation biofuels
  • A pioneering program of noise reduction technologies – for example at take-off the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s noise contour would be contained within the airport boundary at London Heathrow Airport
  • Installation of low NOx combustors on our new aircraft to improve local air quality
  • Aircraft recycling technologies for composites and other new materials
  • Research into more efficient air traffic management systems
  • Enhancing the energy efficiency and environmental performance of our UK operations which includes a programme of energy efficiency measures and gaining ISO14001 accreditation for our sites.

Boeing in the UK is a member of Sustainable Aviation. More information about our environmental activities can be found at www.boeing.com/environment.

Boeing UK each year delivers a series of education and volunteering activities in schools and in the community focused on the importance of positive action to protect the environment.